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Petroleum Crypto Investment Scam Execution

Scam prevention, background check


Scam Execution

We are not Lawyers. We are much more. We are Fighters who use Law firms if necessary. We get your stolen money back on your behalf fast. We work with Dubai Police, CID and Court to retrieve your money and get you justice. No upfront fees, no involvement, no more stress. We know business, we know how Scammers work, and we move comfortably in civil and criminal law, and we know how to enforce justice.

Business Safety 

We are business people. We all were Scammed. We see how scammers work, and how legal businesses work, and we know, how market operates. We know psychological tricks, local law, business transaction procedures, and we have access to platforms to verify documents and licenses. Onboard us as a shield. We will have your back so you can focus on what you do best. Your growth,  business and success. 

Petroleum Scam 

Multimilion transaction scams designed to extort a fortune by promising purchase of petroleum products supply from Middle East contracted in UAE. Let us help you, we have seen it all. Fake contracts, fake companies, fake cheques, fake identities, only lost millions are real. But you know what? We are also smart, and we know the game to get your money back. 

Potential business partner check

You are entering a business relation with company in UAE and something  feels too good to be true or else, you don’t have confidence in partners background. Hire us to look at delivered documents, contracts, informations, refferences. We will discreetly check who are you dealing with, and is this cooperation worth it. 

Crypto Scam 

Scammer lured you in Investment opportunity in “The next best crypto coin, technology, service, platform”? You onboarded a fake blockchain platform, paid few million expecting to get multimillion return? You think Crypto is under the law and Scammer already made you scared of law in UAE? We got your back. We know all games there are. 

Preventive training services

Equip yourself with our knowledge, when you enter the UAE market. We will design a training course made exactly for your field. We will teach you, and your team about local law and documentation and culture, list out all possible business red flags. Implement our safety procedures and KPI’s, so you will never have to call us for Scam execution. 

Investment Scam 

 Scammers trick investors into “get super rich fast” with secretive investment opportunities, like purchase of currency, investing into an petroleum, medical, real estate project or technology, IT, AI invention. You might have invested millions worth of work and connections to secure business deal for comission, business happened, but not your Success Fee.

There is a mass of fake investment companies, which promise an multimilion investment in your company, you only need to pay X $ to set up a company in Dubai, then XX money for transfer fees, and XXX $ for… We have seen it all.

We will get your money BACK. 

Real Estate investment losses 

You have invested in an off plan real estate project in UAE. The project was late, the project changed, your unit is different, the project did not fulfill the duty of revenue share in a hotel apartment, so you stopped paying installments. You lost few milion AED, and company tells you, because you stopped paying, money is lost.  It’s not a scam, but it is a problem. 

We are working with lawyers, who do the law work, and we do our own pressure inducing work in the background, so your money will not be stuck in a years long case in court. We negotiate settlement like business people, we push procedures, we follow-up. 

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