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You need more information about Company Setup, Residency Visa, or your Business Plan? Choose the suitable option, pay by card, book appointment, and all done.

Easy Pay and book consultations

Residency Visa

You are not sure how Residency in the UAE works? You want to get Golden, Green or Freelance Visa? Your UAE situation is complicated? Talk to me.

Up to 60 minutes

Company Setup

Before you decide about opening a company in the UAE, you want to get more first hand details? You already have a company but have problems? Let’s talk!

Up to 90 minutes


Company Relocation

You have a company in a different country and want to move to the UAE? You want information about production, distribution, procurement, overall business planning, staff relocation, international taxation and import-export procedures? This consultation is designed for detailed planning and preparation of relocation of the company from a different country.

-2000 AED and up

2 hours 

Company Business Planning

Before you decide about opening a company in the UAE, you want us to research cost and regulations for your specific requirements? In this option, you get setup and running costs for a diverse range of business activities, such as like Spa, Nursery, Hotel, Sports Club, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Medical Practice, Travel Agent, and many more. Price depends on  business type. 

-2,000 AED and up 

2 hours 


Business Safety

 You need assurance about any kind of business information, or contracts or other documents? Better safe than sorry. Let me help you feel confident in your work.

60 minutes and 90 minutes 

Bank Account matters

You are not sure about banking procedures in the UAE? Your bank account got blocked? Cheque problems? Authorised signatory issues? All banks reject your application? Let me help you. 

60 minutes

Tax Certifications in UAE

You would like to know about Tax Registration Number for VAT?  Tax Residency Certificate for a natural person or a Company? You would like to see how you will file your reports, and how to get documentation? 

Feel free to Ask.

Complex matters

4 hrs of all my knowledge. Your situation is complex. You have questions about Contracts, Documents, Companies, Taxes, Business Safety,  Visas, and Debts, and Banks accounts, among others. You need full clarity over complex issues. Let’s make a strategy together.

How I consult?

 Your Business is my Business…

… and your problem is my problem. I have a very structured attitude towards problem solving and delivering desired result. I understand that business people want to do things themselves, and for the past 7 years in Dubai, I have opened more than 246 Companies, and having kept in touch with most of my clients, acquired a lot of expertise in these matters. My knowledge alone is key to opening many doors.  You will feel confident in decision making process because you will get the best practical advice and step by step guidance. My Consultation is over when your problem is solved, or when you  get full information.

Feeling of control is almost as good as full control…