For the brave!

Do It Yourself

Manual & Support

You need guidance and information, and you wish to have full control and do everything yourself.  These consultations combine all the best from the both worlds of consultation and service done by me. You will get all the info you need, plus you shall receive detailed information, how to do it yourself from A-Z. I will take you step by step, counter to counter, location to location, with live whatsapp and phone support.

Do it Yourself – Visas

Remote work Visa

You have income outside of UAE and you need a residency with Emirates ID. Step by step guide, how to prepare your documents, application, where to process your visa steps, and how to open yourself a personal bank account. 

Golden Visa Talent

You are a talented person, and a recognized professional in your field. You have achieved a lot in field of arts, science, medicine, it, and you wish to get your 10 year Golden residency. Lets get it together. 

Golden Visa Real estate 2 mln

You have a property worth 2 mln AED, or few properties worth together 2 mln AED and wish to process your Golden 10 year visa without trouble. I will take you through the process smoothly and efortlessly. 

Dependent Visa

You have a child or a spouse, a parent or a maid, and you wish to proceed with the dependent visa process, but have no idea where to start? Lets work together and make it happen. 

Employment Visa

You have a company and wish to hire Employees. You have no idea where to start the process, how much it costs, and how long it takes. I will be with you every step of the way. 

Do it Yourself 



You want to cancel or renew any visa. I know all the procedures in all mainland’s and freezones. Step by step guide and care of the process is included in this service. 

Mainland Company

I have opened companies in all Mainlands of UAE. I know processes as my own pocket. Professional, Commercial, Industrial licenses, I have done it all. 

You will get tips and tricsk how to save money on government fees. Contacts to the right people at the right counters. Suppliers of necessary products for your company, like Ejari recommendation, banking guidance, and visa process support. 

The service ends with you having fully operational setup. 


Freezone company

I have opened companies with 16 freezone authorities in UAE. I know the ranges of fees, surprises, timelines of setup, and challenges along the way.

With the manual you shall get overview of each and every freezone within the budget price range, information to take you through the process as fast and as cheap as possible, and you will be well equipped for your business journey.

The service ends with you being ready to apply for a bank account. 

Do it Yourself


Company Bank account

You have a company and struggle through banking requirements and listts of documents? No need to worry, we will get you an account within a 5 weeks. 


Personal Bank Account

You need chequebook and Euro account, but banks already send you away by requesting tons of documents? No worries, Ive got you, we will get you through the process in 4 days max. 

How I consult?

 Your Business is my Business…

… and your problem is my problem. I have a very structured attitude towards problem solving and delivering desired result. I understand that business people want to do things themselves, and for the past 7 years in Dubai, I have opened more than 246 Companies, and having kept in touch with most of my clients, acquired a lot of expertise in these matters. My knowledge alone is key to opening many doors.  You will feel confident in decision making process because you will get the best practical advice and step by step guidance. My Consultation is over when your problem is solved, or when you  get full information.

Feeling of control is almost as good as full control…