Available for High worth Individuals


For stock traders and remote professionals

Remote work Visa, Green Visa for 3 years, Golden Visa for 10 years, Property Visa for owners of 750,000 AED worth of property for 2 years, 2,000,000 AED worth of property for 5 years, Employment Visa, Visa for talented artists, and investors, capital Visa… there are 18 types of visas in UAE.

To Qualify you need to have:


5,000$ montly




Proof of income

Contract or license

Bank statement

Personal or Company Account

For high net people

Capital and Remote Visa

The United Arab Emirates welcomes foreigners, who wish to work from UAE and in last years Government eased up Visa regulations. Capital and Remote work Visa have 1 year validity and thanks to residency, clients open personal bank accounts in United Arab Emirates, without need of getting a job, or opening a company, buying real estate, and having a sponsor. The new Visa scheme will be valid since October.

The documents need to be in English, PDF format, contracts need to be signed by both parties. The bank statement is a proof of income stated in a contract. Processing time of initual application takes 2 weeks and we start the process before your arrival to UAE.


This is the cheapest way to get a Residency in The United Arab Emirates

Passport Copy

6 months validity at least.

Proof of income

For employed – work contract for at least 1 year in English – personal bank statement in English with stated income for at least 6 months

For company owners – company License in English and bank statement in English 

Bank statements

Personal and company bank account statements for last 6 months. With page of information of balance, and title page of account owner name in English

Passport photo

For Visa we need a digital studio quality standard passport photo


Travel insurance for 1-month validity covering UAE.


Govenrnment and service costs

OUR fee – 10,000 AED – separate. Government fees Clients pay independently. Immigration entry permit 1,300 AED, Medical test VIP 755 AED (slow for 300 AED), Emirates ID 210 AED, Visa stamping VIP 927, change status 660 AED,  AED Personal bank opening – 0 AED.

Visa process in UAE

Client Shows Entry permit to Immigration officer at passport control in UAE. Same Day we attend Visa Medical test, PCR test for Biometrics. Next day Attend fingerptint collection for Emirates ID and close process with visa stamping in Clients passport. 

For Stock Market Traders

Client opens a brokers account on any platform od his choice. He links the traders account with his UAE Account and transfers money to his online wallet. Hires a broker, or does the trade himself.

Stage 1. Before Entry to UAE

Contract signing between my company and Client. Payment. Booking of timeslot for your entry to UAE. We apply for Application for Visa Entry Permit. 2 weeks the Entry permit is ready, the Client can  enter UAE. We await you in Dubai.

Personal Bank Account opening

2 days after receiving Visa, Government will send Emirates ID to the Post office. With this document we open a UAE Bank Account in AED, Euro, USD Etc. Some banks send ATM card to clients home country for 250 AED. Bank account opening is Free. Process is completed in Emirates.

For Dubai Living residents

Now Client can rent long term apartment in Dubai, get a post paid telephone number, connect water and electricity, and can settle a life in United Arab Emirates. No longer a tourist, now a resident



Remote Visa Questions 

I dont have 5K$ Salary or Capital. Can I apply?

Sadly, no. It’s a program for people who work remotely and want to live in Dubai, or stay lobnger than tourist visa 90 days. If you have a Master degree diploma, there will be other programme for you Soon.

Will EU know I have account in UAE?

There are agreements between UAE and EU about flow of information data regarding non resident bank accounts. In 7 years in business not one resident had a leackage of his bank information spilling out of the bank. The Law in UAE requires a Police warrent to give such informations about residents account. 

How do I use my UAE money?

You have a personal bank account and a AED card. You use it everywhere around the world. The exchange rates are now about 4%. 

Can I pay you Afterwards/when I come?

No. We provide Vip services in ultimate speed timeframes. We don’t undertake assignments in random time, because Dubai is a busy city. We operate on booked slots with clients and in government offices.   

Can I get Visa for my Spouse, Partner?

Its a one Visa only per provided documents. 

How do I use my UAE money?

You have a personal bank account and a AED card. You use it everywhere around the world. The exchange rates are now about 4%. 

Resident Visa - Will I Get a Tax certificate?

No. To get a TRC – tax residency certificate from UAE you need to earn money in UAE, have a company or a job, be here 183 days a year and be renting an apartment on long term lease. Then you can apply 

Do I have to Live in Emirates?

No. You may live where you want. Remeber your visa has 1 year validity and bank will ask for renewed Emirates ID after your document will Expire. 

Do you have a combo with a Stock Broker?

No, and I would be cautious of anyone who has such a combo. I will not recommend for you a stock market trader, because in my line of work I take full responsibility of anything I provide. I have no power over decisions of any broker. I provide a solution for further development of an Investor, who is an adult and knows what he is doing. 

As a debt collector and working with victims of Investment Scams I will Say BE VERY CAREFULL. 


What are the medical Visa tests for?

STD’s and Tuberculosis. Test is from blood and a X ray of chest. 

Can I get a visa without coming to UAE ?

The Visa proces can start out of the UAE, but has to be finished in UAE and you have to come. 

What kind of insurance I need?

Any travel insurance for 1 month Validity with UAE coverage. Polisy in English


We Come to You


We Collect you from your hotel and drive you around the procedures in the City. you get a plan od your stay and we work since 7 am till 2 pm on your Visa, so the rest of the day you can Enjoy Dubai.


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My company and me are locally know. My services are provided legally, officially and in a congruent manner.


Satisfaction Guaranteed


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